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Greg Ozimek,​

…one listen to That’s Amore and you will agree that it is time for Bocelli and Groban to move over and share the romantic, classical spotlights…”“…This DVD adds visual and textural spice to help locate each listener in romantic Italy.

Devon Cathlin,

"A hummingbird's heart beats up to 1,260 times per minute. My heart, set free by My Heart is For You, moves with equally astonishing grace and speed...


...It is tangibly fabulous!,,, Unequivocally stunning,

Sari N. Kent,

If you like opera and two singers who reach deep into your soul to make music that will forever live in your heart even after the CD is stopped, then pick up Beth Donnelly and Douglas Feller’s That’s Amore,  it is an undeniable expression of love.”  
“…both artists that sincerely project the power of love.  La Canzone di Doretta opens with Donnelly’s haunting voice….Fin Ch’han dal Vino ….Feller’s voice declares unblemished emotion….Spargi d’amaro pianto brings back Donnelly’s flourishing voice…La ci darem…proclaiming their zeal to the other in beautiful timbres.

“Congratulations…None of our artists have ever received a “9” before from The Celebrity Café…”
James Levesque
Luck Media & Marketing Inc.


“You both sound great vocally, very nice blending of vocals, I wish you the very best life has to offer”
Aldo; Close to you.

Contemporary Classical Guitarist, Philadelphia, PA

“Very cool music” 
Parry Matthews, recording artist, Bath & Bristol, England 


We have reviewed both cuts sent on MP3 for Beth Donnelly-Feller and Douglas Feller, and would like to air their works on our station.”



“… That’s Amore. The CD had it’s debut on August 31st and we have been getting positive feedback from our listeners….

 Mike Newell,

Program Director WHPW-FM, New York Staten Island’s Clasical Radio Station

Remo Minato,

Il Pappagallo  

(Beth)…a wonderful evening at the Sunken Ballroom last night. It was just beautiful; you, Douglas…..and the Sinfonia Concertante Orchestra with outstanding singing and music….and Italian! 

M U S I C   C O N N E C T I O N   HOT 100 ARTIST

We are really enjoying the communication we’ve been having with our audiences during the launch of our new album “LADY BE GOOD”!  Here are a few audience members talking about their experience at one of our launch concerts.  Take a listen.  

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