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JP QiGong

Ancient Life Force Energy Practice for Health & Wellness

Weekly QiGong Classes

Online Classes every Thursday at 7pm (Pacific Time)

1 week Free Trial then $35 per month with the option to cancel anytime. 

Here’s a little information about this ancient art of Qigong. It’s a form of moving meditation. So, it’s not only physical…but, also internal.

It has been used in China for centuries by the Shaolin monks to protect their temple and to allow their bodies to become strong, powerful, and internally focused.

Today, Qi Gong is also used to clear toxic energy blocks that can be the root cause behind pain, stiffness, illness, sleep issues, fatigue and premature aging…as well as increasing your feelings of strength and power.

QiGong is an ancient practice of cultivating the flow of life force energy though deep abdominal breathing, focused sequence of body postures and movements, and meditation... traditionally used for health and wellness, spirituality, and martial arts training. 

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