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Just Sing

Presented by Beth Donnelly & Douglas Feller

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Fall Season 2023


Just Sing Workshop and Masterclass


Join us on Saturday November 11th 11am - 3pm for a live workshop and masterclass that will show you how to prepare and show up for your next performance! Light lunch included. 



Includes a deep dive into:

Vocal Pedagogy, Breath, Diction, Phrasing, Language, The Inside Job of a Singer... Emotional Barometer, Recent Brain Science that Affects the Singers Interactive Discussion.



Qi Gong …an energy art, and ancient practice that cultivates the flow of life force energy through deep abdominal breathing, 

focused sequence of movements and mindfulness. 


Singing exercises to increase your vocal agility, range and support. 


Interaction with other singers to expand imagination, improvisation, and in the moment performance. 

The opportunity to sing the song of your choice during the workshop…to receive feedback and instruction from your coaches regarding your vocal technique, emotional content, and your stylistic approach to the music.  An accompanist will be provided. 

So, don’t forget to bring two copies of your music.  


COST  $75




So looking forward to seeing and hearing you all in person, live!!

Beth &  Doug


WORKSHOP taught by:


Beth Donnelly Feller & Doug Feller



Uplifting the human spirit…this husband & wife duo

collaborate in concerts, recordings, private teaching, workshops and masterclasses; and have performed throughout Europe and North America.  

They have produced three albums:  “That’s Amore”,  “My Heart is for You”, & “Lady be Good”  

They have also added Life-Force Energy Classes & Mindfulness Coaching as Certified Qi Gong instructors.  

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