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The Portland Kickoff Concert for The Glory Singers' concert tour in Barcelona, Montserrat, Zaragoza, Toledo, and Madrid is May 1st, 2016 at 7PM.


The Glory Singers are recognized for their performances in the Pacific Northwest, as well as, their international concert tours. They have sung in British Columbia’s Frasier Valley and Victoria B.C.; as well as, Bayeux, Chartres, and Paris in France; Galway, Dublin, and Downpatrick in Ireland; and Florence, Trevi, and Rome in Italy… including Saint Peter’s Basilica, and an outdoor audience with Pope Benedict.


They will perform music from the Classical Sacred, Contemporary Christian, and American Gospel genres. The choir is co-directed by Doug Feller & Beth Donnelly Feller.


Tickets for the Portland Kickoff Concert are $10. Click below to buy tickets.


Call 503-691-8505 for more information.


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